ZombieSkrat | Is a unique meme token launching on eth | Fairlaunch will end as soon as they reach 40 ETH


Do you remember Skrat from Ice Age? He is an acorn-obsessed saber toothed squirrel that lived during the ice ages. As of 2013, he became the mascot of 20th century fox. He is a fan favourite in the series despite playing a little role, why is this you may ask ? Well he is a true HODLER going to extreme lengths to keep his acorns SAFU.

In a parallel universe, the BSC universe; we have Zombie SKRAT! which will go to extreme lengths to hold onto what he cares most about, $ZSKRAT token. AND HE WILL BE REWARDED HEAVILY FOR DOING SO. Along with getting $ZSKRAT tokens from each node bought, he will also get automated reward paid every 20 minutes.

Node as a service:

Following the nodes universal basic income model well established by Strong block have intertwined our twist and upgraded to fit both the meme and metaverse sectors

To combat this issue nodes are needed. We aim to solve this issue by rewarding users with passive income and making it as simple as taking a few clicks to set up and create a node. By creating a Skrat node you will be earning more Skrat tokens every single day.

Incentivising nodes is absolutely necessary in the current Ethereum climate with the massive increase in congestion with a majority of current nodes “running out dated software, maintain incomplete blockchain histories , and are intermittently off-line. There is no easy mechanism to fix this problem once a blockchain is launched’’.

Sustaining Nodes Rewards:

We will constantly be adding to this reward pool by taking 70% of the Skrat used to pay for a node and adding it to the reward pool

At base we have a 150m token lock reserved for the reward pool which we predict should last between 2-3 years at minimum

We will further continue making the reward pool grow by using a portion of the fees from the buy backs and regularly burning half and adding half to the node reward pool

20% of Skrat used to pay for a node will be burned. 10% will go to our development fund to ensure constant maintenance


For our marketing we have most things planned to steadily increase leading up to product releases allowing us to see the best long term sustainable grow

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