You bought Classic Foustling from reddit shop 2 months ago? You can make 6000% profit now

I feel like majority of people aren’t aware that Reddit NFT market is booming rn as there is only 3% of Foustlings collection listed on Opensea, so I felt this information is worth of sharing.

Two previous Classic Foustlings sales were cost 0.56ETH (742$) which is x61 profit considering original price of that avatar is 11.99$.

If you have bought an NFT of reddit shop & want to check current prices on the secondary market, you should go and check it on the most popular NFT marketplace – Opensea. Here are couple of links leading to the most selling collections ranked by trading volume for you:

1. The Senses (by Rojom): [
2. The Foustlings (by Tyler Foust): [
3. Imagination Station (by Chipperdoodle): [

Sorry, if you have have found some grammatical mistakes in this post, I’m trying to improve my English and way too far from perfect mastery in it. Hope, this info interested you, have a good day!

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