Yes, I can earn money playing video games, mom

Psst, friend, investment is sure cool… But have you ever tried to earn money by playing? No, this is not a metaphor, it’s not about gambling, and not even about streaming in the pool on Twitch.

I’m talking about a general trend on GameFi and about combining business with pleasure. Blockchain technologies have given gaming achievements real value. Now a real token can serve as an in-game currency, and equipment and resources can be bought, sold or staked on NFT marketplaces.

This is a very big step for the metaverses, which until recently seemed like an attribute of science fiction. If you haven’t tried it yet, then I advise you to choose from a variety of games, the one that suits your mood and desired complexity, and get some new experience. Personally, I save my strength until the release of [**Thunder Lands**]( The graphics are very pleasant to the eye and the game world has great potential!

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7 thoughts on “Yes, I can earn money playing video games, mom”

  1. If it can be acquired through a game wouldn’t it either be valueless or need an extremely big company funding it? Either that or the amount you can earn won’t even be enough to pay for a cheap steam game.

  2. I had the same problem, my parents did not believe about making money on the Internet, I often argued with them and the appearance of NFT on the market, I started watching NFT projects and learned to analyze and evaluate NFT.

  3. I can earn so much money mum that I can even buy luxury stuff on Quint so I can show you my income is higher than yours ahahah

  4. I would also add NFTs reselling; I’ve checked plenty of marketplaces like Quint and Opensea and I’ve done this kind of flipping a couple of times, it’s a good side hustle

  5. realistically as an adult you’ll have to create time that doesn’t exist to be able to become a full time playtoearn gamer. its addressing kids living by their parents for now


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