Would like to talk about serious dev, with serious people

I am Philipp-Alexander Blum.
A little about me, before we dive in. I worked for the IOTA Foundation in the past.
Well, [I had my little “disagreement” with the leadership of the foundation](

Now, I am an [invited expert in the W3C]( and finally enjoy my life again 😀
Anyhow. I thought NFTs are pretty bullshitty, of course. We don’t need to talk about all the crypto idiots. I watched [this video about what NFTs]( It changed my whole perspective and finally makes some sense. Hard to get to the core when 99% of people are just bullshit.

So, I know the whole point is to be a closed group, but I would like to talk to some of these people in there. Maybe even to the whole group.
Your group needs to fit into a couple of requirements though.
\- You need to be able to contribute significant capital. 200k and upwards.
\- The group needs is not risk averse.
\- The group isn’t racist or any that kind of bullshit. We should respect each other.
\- You are open for different technologies and focus on serious, professional development.
\- You are not afraid to openly talk about regulations and try to find a common ground here.

That’s about it. Thanks for your attention.
And please pump this reddit post 🙂

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