Withdrawing money from opensea


I want to make an offer on an NFT on opensea. To do that I’ll need to add some ETH to my wallet in opensea. My question is what if the offer does not get accepted, how do I withdraw my ETH/money out from opensea to go back into my bank account? I dont want to deposit in money for a offer which I am not 100% getting back if its not accepted.


Thanks in advance.

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  1. The problem is it costs money to move your ETH around(gas fees). But the way I do it is I send my ETH to my binance, account then do a P2P trade and sell my eth for cash(e-transfer) to another binance user.

  2. The money stays in you wallet until the bid is accepted, you can even bid on multiple different NFTs with that same amount of eth, and those bids will pull when one of them is accepted. Your money never ever ends up on opensea. Simply moves from one users wallet to another.

  3. Just go backwards. How did you add the ETH in the first place? Likely bought on an exchange and transferred to your wallet right? It’s just the opposite. You’d transfer the ETH to the exchange, sell it, and transfer the money to whatever bank account is connected.


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