Why aren’t my NFTs selling? Advice?

I have an ambitious project, everyone who is interested in knowing more and wants to take a look at my collection I’ll be leaving the link here


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5 thoughts on “Why aren’t my NFTs selling? Advice?”

  1. Because so many of them are released that unless you have something either groundbreaking or breathtaking you wont sell them.

  2. in all seriousness it’s because you’re on polygon using the default opesea 1155.

    to a collector you aren’t taking this seriously. it’s a cash grab until you start treating your brand like it should be treated.

  3. Probably because your selling them for ETH on Polygon. I don’t think that there are many folks buying with ETH on Polygon. Soooo… Interesting project but probably a super small group of folks looking at it.


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