Who else has some Cyber Crew NFTs?

I am stoked to have bought some at mint price and then see 10x value in under 2 weeks, but what is really exciting is the potential here. Gaming and NFTs are going to be a industry changing milestone and CC are just a part of those pioneering this space.

I hope others here are stoked about this project and the lifetime airdrops. That’s for me why this is a proper long term NFT.

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3 thoughts on “Who else has some Cyber Crew NFTs?”

  1. I’ve got a few, this project is super interesting to me. As it continues to develop I think the value is going to be self evident

  2. I have Meta Moon Crew. On Voice serious good choice. Real noise and scored the top ten in the sales board. More are coming to break the record once not ignored. I’ve stored all those to be scored on opensea I’ve seen just beginning and soon be winning as always ding dinging. Sublime as think it’s helped sell so many well if my rhyme along the line of fine art. Look for those who make a clever start.


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