Who are the KaDemons? An intro to a community-driven raid-to-earn project.

Enter the *KaDemons*, a tribe of 6,666 fire lovers of all shapes and sizes. As many as 500 are unique and rare, with special traits and perks not shared with the other 6,166. Once split up by the elements, the citizens of *KaDemia* now live as one. But is this really the end of the warfare?

Each Demon benefits from exclusive rights in *KaDemia,* a place rich in magic and sorcery. All tribe members will have access to raids, mining, rare NFT drops, and other rewards to be revealed over time, through a gamified raid-to-earn ecosystem.

History tells of a great earthquake, the worst since time began. Millions were killed, and the world as we know it was destroyed. After the buildings and roads crumbled to dust and all technology fizzled out, only items like clothes, hats, accessories and physical (non-energy related) tools remained. All other remnants of human life were eradicated, clearing space for a new civilization to take over, with a new way of life.

Through the depths of the land rose the Demons, released from their earthly prisons by this earthquake. Comforted by the elements, they gathered in groups; fire, flora, earth, wind, and water. From these groups emerged five leaders — five brothers and sisters scattered across all directions.


(to be continued..)

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