Which web3 wallets are best suited for a new user?

I want to start investing in NFTs and a few new crypto projects that are only on Uniswap. Are there any new wallets that are more geared towards a new user? I have never used metamask or any wallet similar to that before. I’ve only used coinbase to purchase my crypto in the past. I’m basically looking for a wallet that has protection for new users, think of when you go to the bowling alley and they have bumper guards. Anything that will help me in the slightest would be appreciated.

I know metamask is the go to for wallets but it just feels daunting to me. Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “Which web3 wallets are best suited for a new user?”

  1. You can check Aurox wallet? it has several features that are geared towards newer users. For example, phishing protection, smart contract whitelisting, and transaction simulations. These features alone could potentially save you from losing money to a phishing scam or rogue smart contract. (Some smart contracts siphon funds out of your wallet after you add them, the transaction simulation can protect against that)

  2. Check out the @addUTILITI wallet when they release. They’ve been working to help some large brands plan for web3 integration and part of that has been extremely focused in easy to use tools like a very simplified wallet from a UI/frontend perspective but added security and cutting edge technology on the backend.

  3. MM is not user friendly but covers more bases than most of the others if you really want to be in LT.
    The bumper guards are getting a ledger or similar storage wallet

  4. metamask is awful for new users. If you’re interested in NFTs go with Rainbow wallet.

    I like argent wallet conceptually but it’s not good for viewing NFTs.


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