Which NFT category is your favorite?

When I heard for the first time of NFTs and saw some of them I thought it was something that won’t last even for a month, it didn’t seem like it would have any purpose in the future but back then I didn’t understand anything about it, so it was kinda my fault for thinking that way.

Now, as you might guess, I’m a huge fan of NFTs and that whole idea since NFTs developed so fast and people started to use them and implement them in every possible industry, and still, they have such a big role in some of these industries.

I mean thanks to NFTs it’s going to be solved the issue of the black market when it comes to ticketing systems, it’s a great idea to implement NFTs there and use them as tickets.

There’s still a lot left to be discovered in the NFT market. From buying digital baseball cards to buying virtual Versace handbags, people have purchased many different items as NFTs. People started using search engines like Ludo, these searching engines work somehow like Google for NFTs since there are a lot of them.

NFTs can be many things, we all know very well that they are used in art, business, music, metaverse, GameFi, etc.

In which type of industry or better be said what type of NFT category do you use the most? Have you thought of buying NFT ticket maybe?

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  1. So far, I’ve bought the NFT I needed to play Mecha Morphing. I managed to get it at a decent price during the Binance sale. Now I’m looking to take a piece of cryptopunk, since Unique Network will try its RFT technology, so I’ll be able to afford it.


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