Where do you see the future of NFTs?


currently I feel that the NFT craze is like the crypto boom 4-5 years ago. Lots of things get created and people see what sticks on the wall. In contrast to crypto, I feel that the big picture for NFTs is missing?

At least I think that buying/selling digital jpegs is not what NFTs can and what is possible with the technology.

What do you think? What’s the future for NFTs?


PS.: If you are interested in this topic, I tried to [summarize my thoughts here](

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6 thoughts on “Where do you see the future of NFTs?”

  1. I guess it, probably, will take some part in our lives as cryptocurrencies some day, I mean much more than today. As once Internet did it 30 years ago.

    .com crisis didn’t collapse Internet companies as we see now. I guess same things will be with blockchain: bear market will end one day and then we gonna see growth.

    So NFTs, probably, will be used worldwide to proof rights for not only picks, but for much more staff.

  2. Come Dec 31 2023, IRS will be treating crypto and NFTs like stocks and bonds.
    Miners will be treated like brokers and every swap will be a taxable event.

    If I am wrong, could someone please inform me that I am?
    I do not want to be a bearer of bad news.

  3. I’m sure NFT are still a thing in crypto. It’s just that there are a lot of platforms to choose from. I’m glad I found the Noble Knights NFTs by Nobility Token. It’s also a platform where you can earn from esports tournaments with large prize pools. Maybe you should take a look at it.

  4. Well, first of all, I think the narrative is changing, it’s not just jpegs anymore. Apple has entered the space, allowing apple watch owners to display their NFTs on their watch screen. It gets better, Unique Network fractionalizing NFTs on Polkadot, making it cheaper and eco-friendly too. Things are going crazy in the NFT space mate.


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