what’s the value in nft’s what are the limits

Started wondering about this after they first came out selling for stupid amounts, then being basically worthless the next year.
But say you had an nft or build not to be or untill it proves it’s usefulness/ useablity.

Now imagine they take that same 3D model and attached a Ai machine learning algorithms (gptchat) to a (Crazy frog) 3D modelled nft, gave it a unique voice and carraistics. Now say you made 1000 of them. Most would be worthless but if 1 out of a hundred caught the public attention and became viral/famous how much would the rights to that be worth. If it’s even possible to put all that in an nft.
So how long untill internet characters are nft’s owned by anonymous people/corps who’s political ideologies and religious views are heavy controlled and regulated by government and corporations to manipulate the public.

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