What to do with NFTS that didn’t sell?

Hi everyone, I created an NFT collection that I tried to promote on Twitter. I gave up because it looked like NFTS were dying a slow death and the only inquiries I got were a few well-known NFT promoters constantly badgering me to pay them to promote my stuff. I didn’t go through with it because it seemed scammy, but now I’m left with my unsold collection. Is there anything I can do with it now? Sell it just as art? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “What to do with NFTS that didn’t sell?”

  1. If they are Solana NFTs you can use the Sol Slugs solincinerator and get back SOL or BONK for the junk NFTs. I do this with airdropped spam NFTs and ones I don’t think will have future value (like rugs)

  2. I made nfts… they weren’t great. But I sold a few for not much on bakeryswap.. a few I ended up just listing for 0 with a royalty set.. people will take free nfts and you never know maybe some day someone will buy it from them and I will get a royalty. If I don’t I don’t care. I’m out of the game. They can sit there and do nothing for all eternity.

  3. I am sorry in advance that I might not really help with this comment but I am facing the same issues here. I have decent art pieces and a few collections and am trying to sell them to collectors but I guess it is hard for newbies…. you know, the few big players in the game can sell whatever they like but no one will notice us 😥

  4. Step 1) put them in a bag.

    Step 2) hold that bag.

    Step 3) repeat step 2.

    Kind of like what I did with all my junk wax baseball cards.


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