What NFT collection should you be looking at?

When people find out that I create NFTs, one of the first questions they ask is, what’s a good one to buy? This got so tiresome that I created a web service to answer these questions.

[ is a web service that I am hoping would help people discover NFT collections (in Ethereum only, at this time) that they like. It is a very democratic tool for creators in that there are no hidden metrics or biases. It does not apply any weights to limit listings in order to make pages presentable. Instead, it tries to present true snapshots, with unabridged data, as pleasantly as possible.

I am posting this here because I seek affirmation from the community. In building this service, I have created custom infra and middleware specifically so that I do not have to pay for brokers. This is why I can ensure that end-users have unrestricted and unlimited access to all of its current and future tools, because they need these tools to discover the NFT collections we create.

Appreciate feedback and support.

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