What my experience as a NFT collector and founder of The Cryptomasks Project has taught me

– Invest in the capabilities of the team. Especially the leadership and experience of the founder who should be active, close to his community and present during Twitter spaces or voice events on Dscord
A founder / team with active and followed Twitter accounts who responds to messages, tweets from the community.
No hype without noise!

– Invest in a project with an active D.scord server, on which you like to spend time exchanging with other community members. It is possible to create the illusion of a hyped project on Twitter while your feeling on Dscord cannot be fooled.

– Invest in a project with long-term goals.
Objectively speaking, why will the NFTs in this collection be more valuable in 1, 2, 5 or 10 years?

There are several factors to consider:
* The total number of NFTs in the collection, the more, the greater the interest in the collection and in NFTs in general.
* The percentage of unique holders. The higher it is, the more homogeneous the distribution.
* If a few people hold a large percentage of the NFTs in a collection, they can potentially get rid of them. If the project is not very liquid, and there is no one to buy them back, this could be fatal to the collection’s floor price.
* Liquidity. The easier it is to trade NFTs, the more collectors are willing to invest knowing that they can sell them quickly if they wish.
* Utility. In addition to the criteria of rarity, NFTs also have a value according to their utility.
* What does this NFT bring to its holder?
The more benefits it offers, the more valuable it will be.

– Invest in a project with a transparent team that communicates regularly on the progress. A team that “builds” in the shadows is not motivating for community members and is generally not a good sign. At worst the team does not work, at best the team works but it will hardly get the recognition it deserves because nobody will have heard about the project.

– Invest in a project that respects its roadmap and deadlines.
How can you be sure that a project that has not met a deadline in its roadmap will not start again?
As a general rule, one delay leads to another.
Except in the case where the roadmap has been modified in the meantime to better meet a demand that we know is constantly evolving.

– Invest in a project that chooses its partners well.
It is easy to collaborate with any project to gain some short-term visibility but much more difficult to do thorough research on each application to sort out potential strategic collaborations that could be beneficial to the project in the long run.

– Invest in a project with a responsive team. Does the project team collaborate with its community members or does it just make decisions unilaterally?
It is important to collaborate with your community for several reasons:
* You bring together the best of everyone and benefit from diverse experiences and skills.
* By including the expertise of people who are often more talented in specific areas than the project team members.
* Contributors take ownership and pride in the project.
* Community members feel heard and valued.
This is very important! It is the community that makes an NFT project and a Web3 project in general successful.

NFTs play an important role in this new decentralized web.
Some projects that are here to stay, made up of competent teams, talented artists and caring communities, will bring more and more people together and thus continue to participate in the bitcoinization of the web.

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