What do you think, are NFTs shaping the future?

I’m asking this question cause as you noticed everything can be today NFT. Somehow I think that we weren’t aware at the begging when we first heard of NFTs that it would all be possible as is the case now. We don’t have just some NFT art pieces, everything is NFT!

Just look at how important these NFT tickets are, which I personally support and believe is one of the best things that NFTs have brought us. Not only that these tickets are solving scalping and frauds, but they’re also bringing something to fans, it’s not just a piece of paper or an online ticket for the concert, for example, it’s NFT that connects artist and fan, that is memorabilia, something that could worth so much as time pass. Isn’t that cool?

NFTs are evolving, and with them, their use cases. Around the world, sports leagues like the NBA and NFL are already experimenting with NFTs and tickets. That’s why I started thinking about which of these ticket-selling systems I should use. The NFT TiX ticketing site appears to be the most promising because it will accept ETH payments (they have not yet begun selling tickets). I’ll look at a few of these platforms to see which one works best for me, but I’d absolutely start purchasing these tickets.

What’s your opinion, are you ready to start buying these tickets?

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