What do you think about the recent news that NFTs are coming to both Instagram and Facebook?

We all expected this to happen and it’s finally happening, but what are your opinions on this? I heard that a lot of people are not so satisfied with this news, how about you?

Zuckerberg says that Meta will initially test NFTs on Instagram and then Facebook before rolling out NFTs to other apps.

What I’ve found out is that Meta is working on functionality that will allow content creators to publish 3D NFTs to Instagram Stories using its augmented reality (AR) platform Spark AR Studio.

I dunno, tbh I’m not a huge fan of this idea, but I will give it a chance, who knows what will look like but until then I would stick to some upcoming NFT projects SK8coin and I would continue searching for some unique NFT projects, cause I don’t see some important role of NFTs on social networks.

What would you single out as a benefit of having NFTs on Instagram or Facebook? Just another NFT profile pic or what’s the deal?

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