What do you like the most about the NFT ticketing system?

I become so curious about these NFT tickets, more precisely about minting and selling them, so I start digging for some information about them, and here’s what I’ve found out.

It’s so handy and interesting for event organizers since they can use the blockchain to mint any amount of tickets and sell them in the usual way on their websites or apps. They may also design everything they want into the NFT, including the image of the tickets, the ID number, the verification process, and even the selling strategy.

The next phase is allowing users to purchase NFT tickets using NFT ticket sites such as NFT TiX, and these tickets will be saved in their wallets. Users may use those wallets to manage their NFT tickets (for example, sell or return them) or to reveal the key at the entrance.

The NFT ticket becomes invalid after the event, however, it remains in the wallet and has a collector value, or it may be used as a memory. This is not difficult at all, but it would give us and the organizers with so many benefits and safety, don’t you think?

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  1. I like NFT tickets, because it will be much easier to buy tickets from anywhere in the world for cryptocurrency for example

    I also like that some projects allow you to do NFT Staking, one of them is AngelBlock for example

    now NFT is more than just pictures


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