What are your thoughts and concerns on NFTs and their future?

It is clear that, whether in a bull or bear market, the NFT market is growing, with new and exciting use cases for these digital assets being discovered regularly. What is the most beneficial use of NFTs? With the recent upheaval in the crypto space, NFTs have become something of a viral commodity. A slew of NFT projects with varying offerings have hit the market, ranging from DeFi to staking, marketplaces to APY offerings; the market is flooded with intriguing options. Also, as with the Juno Network and other nice ecosystems, various projects are connecting with other projects on larger ecosystems to help grow their communities and interconnect between projects to support growth and fluidity.

Loop Finance is one of the Juno Network projects that is working hard to bring new users into the ecosystem. With the recent addition of Loop Power, they have created one of the most advanced DeFi-NFT stakes in my opinion. Users are rewarded for staking tokens and NFTs in Loop Power. It’s fantastic that DeFi NFTs will be used to convert DeFi positions into NFTs and sell them on the secondary market. This, I believe, is in the best interests of the users because it provides them with more options for available positions. Let me have your thoughts concerning NFTs and their future.

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