We’re doing a free giveaway of 6 SOL ($1,000) and 3 Rare Baby Blobs NFTs to r/NFT members!

Hey, r/NFT!

We are giving away 3 Baby Blobs **(The first interactive NFT collection on Solana)**, including a custom r/NFT themed Baby Blob, as well as **2 $SOL** each to **3** r/NFT members!

**How to enter:**

1. Upvote this post!
2. [Like this tweet]( (and follow us on Twitter)
3. Comment your SOL wallet address or anything you’d like to ask about the BabyBlobs project.

**Winners will be chosen on our launch day (October** **~~25th~~****)!**

EDIT: We pushed back the launch day to the 26th! We’ll choose winners then!




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45 thoughts on “We’re doing a free giveaway of 6 SOL ($1,000) and 3 Rare Baby Blobs NFTs to r/NFT members!”

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  2. These blobs are adorable!! If I could get these in plushie form, I totally would ๐Ÿ˜


  3. BvRugHrE3BcXfY1j2jxgDZFqU3cpfbdFqENeYeydnaST

    Interactive sets this one apart. Liked the tweet also (twitter username different)

  4. GpvWbNwCifBBDFhUX1QJEWKbQc14rXhR1MxvA4j9n5Vx

    Got nothing to ask since I’ve been following the project ever since sway posted the first wip of the blob on r/cc discord, so I am pretty excited for this project!

  5. Aesthetic.a here.

    I love the project, there are any plans to engange in some other media form like games or animated series?
    I would love to see your style as an animated short or a little game for smartphone. I think will be appropriate.
    Sorry for my english and thank you <3
    SOL Address: 31WyxvwseDZZUuya1VCEvUZy18yEeXw3YF2PZZCBLK6S

  6. 2wiD6UxDpHUyj4KNkNyeZ4wVUnN7qemQ18iG7j5SGTKe

    Cool art! Will there be a metaverse coming out?

    Also I can’t seem to verify on Discord. There is no roadmap on your website, and the team’s profile has a strange interface. (I’m using Firefox) I suggest fixing those kinks before marketing.

  7. 8nmk1WEdU8BXJeaSUFhm2AhmcTPHaeHqYsNCLVsTM6Xb
    Is there plan to more kinds of interactions with blobs? Maybe feeding, playing, breeding?


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