Web 3 Game Development PWE Possibilities

So I am starting a new NFT project, with the Roadmap being stacked and team full of talent sometimes there are questions too advanced for a team of people.

I was wondering if there is a way to make a Tap to Earn game with a web3 twist where when you connect your wallet in the game (Solidity Code) you can literally just tap the screen or go more advanced and actually make a game maybe the higher level you get the more you earn. Either you earn a well known decentralised currency or we make our own which has a value on Dextools or something else.

Are there any developers here who can tell me what is possible to make in a mobile AND desktop game with a web 3 twist. It is a music based project therefore would want it to be involved with music.

There will be BIG money for this on the line if you can tell me and make this possible and as NFTs are decreasing just as pictures, I want this project to have a utility which benefits the community.

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  1. Try checking out r/Kirin_Official’s whitepaper. It can help devs and non devs develop something like those.


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