We need REAL games… not P2E!

This title should actually read “Good games could be better with ownership and monetisation thanks to NFTs” but it was too long.

I have been a player, hardcore gamer, my whole life… I still do… Big geek of 34 yo but still a career in finance, trading, and now working on my own web3 company.

A game more specifically. Not any web3 game. An actual game… You’re confused? I mean a REAL game… Not a grindy job digital app NFT based more commonly known under the name of Play to Earn.

I mean a game where:
– Our core team main dev is Ex Game Level Designer at Rockstar studio, with Epic Games award
– Our Scriptwriter wrote the scripts of the games of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Marvel
– Partner studios participated in games like Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Ori, Metro Exodus
– not quoting that the core team are from Google, McKinsey, 3x times exited CEO…
– a MMORPG that evolves with the gamers
– heavy on lore and character customisation
– with fun game mechanics
– a game made by gamers for gamers
– a game that make you say… “Just a bit longer”, or “this is the last one”…

We are tired to see fake video games created leveraging NFTs. They are boring. Hated by real traditional gamers. You actually spend more money that you actually make (if you even make any money) and they are just failing the purpose of gaming.

We want to use web3 for what it is… A tool… Not an end.

How much money do you have sitting on your CoD Warzone, CSGO, WoW, Lineage, Fortnite, Valorant, PUBG… accounts? Me? Thousands… Who owns them? The giant game studios who developed the game. Who spent time creating this value or spent the money initially? Me! Have I the right to sell these items or my account? Pfff… You bet… No way.. why? Because the system is messed up.

We need a reversal. Monetisation of the gamers’ time should not be detrimental to the fun and entertainment… And fun and entertainment should not mean no monetisation.

Web3 has to do a better job at improving its reputation but also at educating gamers on the benefits of it.

I repeat, I am a hardcore gamer, always have been, probably (sadly) always will be… But I do strongly believe in ownership, in time spent playing versus money. The latter should not be reserved to streamers with a big follower base. It should be accessible to everyone! If your Twitch streaming is constantly empty af… But your game account is worth hours of playtime and hundreds of dollars… You deserve a share!

So here we go… We started
the Twitter. I am excited and will report how it goes. We want to educate gamers of why it is beneficial and why it will be the next best thing after Twitch once the right model will be there. We want to disrupt the current market… Will we succeed? No f***ing idea.. but we’ll try!

Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “We need REAL games… not P2E!”

  1. And that’s exactly why we need Game7 that’s building a sustainable, entertaining, and community led blockchain gaming industry with the support of BitDAO, where Game7’s community allocates and shapes a $500M capital to fund projects, developers, builders, and creators

  2. Yeah man.100% agree.

    A game should be just that. A game first. But then also you own the in game assets you buy.

    I’m a hardcore gamer who actually understands the use case for NFTs in gaming and it sucks seeing the gaming community fight NFTs tooth and nail because all they are aware of are monkey Jpegs and scams.

  3. We need high quality gameplay first + good tokenomics that last beyond the initial pump. Can’t think of a single web3 title that has been able to provide a sustainable system. Can anyone?

  4. 100%

    hardcore gamer here mostly open world and I’ve spent way too much money. I would love to have over the last decade even (though I’ve played much longer) to be reaping rewards from successful game titles for my in game purchases which total in the thousands…right now. that would be awesome. that is the future of gaming and the naysayers will soon look like the people who said the internet would “NEVER WORK”

  5. Archeworld.com doing an alpha now is probably the 1st real game from a real company. They reworking their legacy mmorpg archeage into NFT/crypto gaming

  6. you realize this space is in its infancy and AAA gaming is a 30 year old institution? It will come but not today. not next year. maybe in the next 5.

  7. Check out [Chibi Clash](https://chibi.gg). Our team has the same opinions as you, and we’ve been saying this in every AMA. We are free to play and prioritizing fun gameplay over the boring play to earn grind.


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