Was it a real sale or was it a scam?

Hey guys, I have got a question and it would be pawsome if someone could help me. Yesterday I had a chance for my first sale (or maybe not – that’s why I’m asking you). I agreed with the buyer on seven of my NFT’s. After that I was put in a DC server (I did not click a link) with an Opensea employee (that’s what it seemed like (he had a ✅)). After aswering a few questions I was asked to transfer my NFT’s to another wallet and pay about $ 6 per NFT.
This seemed pretty unserious to me because:

– The buyer was 22 years old. Of course there are people in this age who have a lot of money but I think that’s the exception.

– The price was pretty high. She wanted to pay more than 1,00 ETH for my NFTs. That’s a lot if you consider that I just started. I also listed them for way less than 0,1 ETH in total [here](

– I don’t understand why she wanted to do this per DC. Why didn’t she just bought them directly on opensea.io? Or is it not possible for the first sale?

– It all happened pretty fast and I didn’t really had time to think about the sale.

I would be so thankful if someone could help me and tell me how I can recognize if it is a scam or not.

Thank you guys

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  1. You also might want to transfer any assets out of the wallet you used if they are still there. Definitely check the pinned tweet and look up how to stay safe in the NFT world.


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