VetAPP – The first full-fledged blockchain-based solution for veterinarians and pet owners

VetApp is the first blockchain-based ecosystem for the vet healthcare market combining a mobile and web app that offer a multitude of solutions for all stakeholder groups in the vet healthcare market under one roof.


For pet owners

We are offering pet owners a one-stop solution that allows them to take better care of their pets. VetAPP will provide a revolutionary AI tool for prediagnosis that will shorten the communciation paths between pet owners and vets and provide better outcome in the early onset of dangerous conditions. VetAPP will also facilitate easy access of pet owners to veterinary services by connecting the two stakeholder groups directly, as well as to high quality products on the marketplace.

For veterinarians

VetAPP is made by vets for vets – we want to allow vet clinics and practices to maximize their revenues, while increasing the quality of the services they provide to their customers. Our solution will improve the workflow of vets through various tools for pre-diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, appointment and booking management. We are offering vets access to a wider customer base and multiple additional monetization streams.

For animals

Last but not least — VetAPP is essentially created for the well-being of all our faithful companions whom we love. By helping pet owners and vets, we are directly creating a better world for animals.


Our solution will have potential use cases outside the scope of pets, extending to farms and other industries where animals.

The VETA token

The VETA token will be used for payments within the VetAPP ecosystem for services and subscriptions. The token will also act as a reward mechanism, giving access to VETA subscribers to the unique VETA reward programme.


The token will be deflationary, with 5% to 10% of the net profit of VetAPP from subscriptions committed towards token buybacks from exchanges and their burning.

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