Very Confused & Have Questions.


I’m new to the NFT world in the sense of creating and selling and I’m a little confused and have some questions I’d love answers to. I have not done enough research and plan to continue on my research.

My wife and I have created a universe where we want to make NFT collections based on things in the universe and we plan to eventually go towards real world assets and media related items. We have huge plans for this project and we wanted a way to have the ability to make extra funds to go towards future things within this project. Things we want to do is our own TCG, and my wife is currently writing books and short stories for this universe, and eventually we plan on making a video set in this universe. We have spent a lot of time building this universe and we want to share it and have others join in on our journey.

I hear conflicting things that Opensea is good but also it is not good. I hear that if you use Opensea and it’s contract you cannot make royalties if the NFTs are sold outside of Opensea. Is this true? I also know that Opensea offers some nice things like lazy-minting, but they also do not allow batch uploading as far as I can see, so a collection could take hours and days to fully upload.

Do you even own the NFT on Mintable . club because the buyer mints the NFT so do you still own it and get royalties off it? I cannot find information on this because it appears that this site does not have a help page or one that I can find. I watched some videos from their YouTube page and they said people don’t tend to know how to deploy their own smart contracts so they made their site so it is easier to make NFTs. I have no idea to how to deploy a smart contract but I’d like to learn.

I have also done research that shows doing everything on the Polygon chain is indeed cheaper than Ethereum chain and so I am assuming it would be better to do it on Polygon?

Can anyone point me to someone who has good videos on YouTube where I can learn as much as possible?

I am not sure where the best place is to mint and generate the images. I have all the layers and all the images for the layers for the first collection already made.

Perhaps it is futile to do this at all as I don’t know enough but I want to learn and make NFTs especially with the things we want to do in the future to bring content and media to people.

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