Verbiage mint vs mint confusion

Why is minting mean creating nft to sell and minting means buying an nft to own.

Makes it a little hard to learn how to buy an the first buyer and owner vs buying it from someone who already bought it at its first sale price.

If I search how to mint nft…I get 90000 pages of how to create an nft.

If I put how to buy an nft…I get 90000 pages of how to buy from opened usually from other resellers.

I’m just trying to figure out..where and how to buy and ” open” a new fresh nft.

Any suggested tutorials?

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1 thought on “Verbiage mint vs mint confusion”

  1. Minting is when the NFT is created first time. So either you go the an artists website and mint it yourself for a few, or you buy one on a marketplace such as Opensea for the original artist.

    When you buy off someone who is not the original artist, it is a secondary sale/market. You can see an NFTs history including any previous sales on the marketplaces, so that’s how you ensure you are the first person to buy it (if it’s a 1/1 piece)


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