“Unlocking the Secrets of Human Desire: A Dive into the “Apple Spindle Toroidal Duality” NFT Collection”

Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourselves in, ’cause we’re about to embark on a wild and wooly journey through the twisted mind of one Domanin Gleb, who’s crafted perhaps the most unique and functional NFT collection you’ve ever laid your peepers on. This collection, my friends, is created in the image and likeness of reality itself, and the goal is to create a variety of visual language to represent the invisible in man, that part of us that relates to our deepest desires. And I gotta tell ya, Domanin’s done it, man. He’s captured the soul of desires, the whole essence of man in the tangible symbolic form of Apples with a dual nature.

Apples, man. Apples. They’re the Enigma. And anyone who knows the Apple language can find an apple according to their desires. You can find that apple that speaks of you, a Personal apple reflecting your inner essence. Would you like to unravel the most mysterious part of man? The part where desires lurk?


Presenting the collection “Apple Spindle Toroidal Duality” by Domanin Gleb. This collection is prohibitively ordered according to the general law of the universe, baby. Apples of desire have 7 basic colors, each color has a connection with 7 fundamental human desires, which are associated with 7 actions. The rainbow spectrum is divided in half, where the desires are divided into 2 contexts. The axis of division is green, it’s related to resources, growth and well-being (money, excess resources and health )


On the left, the warm shades are associated with themes: love, friends, community and business. On the right, cool shades are associated with themes: art, science, and spiritual development.


And there are two types of “Inside” and “Outside” apples. The “Outside” apples are only suggestive of desire and contain an “Inside”. “Inside” contains within itself actions. When you look at the Outside Apples you see the trace of the desire, a vector of its direction. Considering the Apples inside you move into the depths of the trace of desire following four steps right into the long-awaited attainment of what you desire.


And the 4th stage is the limit and the culmination of the 4 dimensions of reality. Each of the 4 stages is related to the 4 dimensions of reality.

The 4 Dimensions of Reality Form and Energy.

The 4D Hypersphere = Collapsing borders inward (Appearance (of space) within space).

The 3D Sphere = Expansion of boundaries (Appearance of space).

The 2D Circle = Big bang = Release of accumulated (Appearance of an explosion of infinite energy with a plus sign).

The 1D Point = Black Hole = Accumulation of excess energy inside (Unmanifested energy with a minus sign).


The 4 Dimensions of Reality of Desires and Actions.

Stage 1 (Reason for X) Accumulation of redundancy to overcome the threshold necessary for the appearance of X.

Stage 2 (Emergence of X) The appearance of some kind of X that inspires and shapes a person’s desire to develop the situation into a climax and result.

Stage 3 (Facilitation for X) Facilitating for X realization to realize by putting your energy, faith and action to it.

Stage 4 (Result) limit culmination and achievement of the desired.


And that stage 4 has a spiral! The spiral is twisted by man’s intention and actions. The spiral is composed of natural materials. Metals, glass, candy, stone, chewing gum, plastic, etc. The material describes the complexity and particularity of all 4 steps as an adjective as a characteristic of all the underlying processes and complexity of creating the spiral. And get this, folks, the 4-dimensional sphere can create something beautiful within itself, and one day it appears in the form of a Pearl! That’s right, a pearl, baby!


And you can read a full description of all methods in the extended article at this [link]( but honestly, you’re not gonna get the full effect of this collection without diving in headfirst and experiencing it for yourself. So, my advice to you is to go check it out, and let Domanin take you on a wild ride through the uncharted territories of human desire.

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