Unique and useful NFT project which you can consider to invest in

Most NFT projects were, are, and will be scams and the Dev will abandon them once they collect money from investors. some of them are useless like you give them value as long as you think they are art and rare.
But there are some genuine projects like Little Ghost where you not only hold them as an art but also you can use them as a player.

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3 thoughts on “Unique and useful NFT project which you can consider to invest in”

  1. The beauty of NFTs is in it’s utility. NFT games seems like a clarion call to me now lol. I’m not just playing games, I’m adding style and fashion. My gaming avatar is a version of my own self. I transformed my selfie into a digital version of myself with Metaverse interoperability using MetaverseMe platform. Gaming in the metaverse is just making resounding sense to me.

  2. Well, good NFT projects are rare, that’s why I’m mostly focused on Cryptopunk, and since it’s expensive, I’m looking to get fractions because Unique Network will break it into 100,000 parts.

    I haven’t heard of Little Ghost, I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. For real I already got some NFTs and I don’t think I’ll be adding any soon, which is because I’m focused on having my stables earn me from Spool, where its safe and functions with proper optimized gas performance to curb cost.


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