Turning My?* AnaMorphic Art into NFT’s.

Not going to Lie, I got sort of possessed last year and I ended up drawing 14 drawings on fibreboard canvases using coloured pencils, my hands fully moving as if they had a mind of their own. I then went over some of them with paint the next day, carefully getting every small line perfect. (Haven’t gotten around to finishing all of them.)

Anyway, they ended up being the random scribbles you’d probably expect if you had no control over your hands, so I just left it alone. I had many a times contemplated painting over them. Yet could never bring myself to.

So… Fast forward, nearly a year later, I’m moving a mirror, I don’t want it to slip when I lean it against the wall so I use the canvases underneath to hold it up with friction.

As I go to walk away, I see a couple faces on the canvases, which I never noticed before. I go to move the mirror out of the way to see them clearer, but as I move the mirror the faces morph and change into different faces… the mirrored effect on the random scribbles creating more faces.

At this point I’m shocked. I get a smaller mirror and I go through each of the paintings one by one, and I kid you not, I counted 60+ otherworldly looking faces in each painting.

They look pretty cool, but I’m still kinda shook by it. I’ve managed to mirror the paintings using Photoshop, and made it into separate images
These will be the first time i’m trying out NFT’s and I’ve just created 26 New NFT’s of just the first painting which I’ve put up on OpenSea.

I have no idea how they work and would love and really appreciate some feedback and maybe some support.

I’ll put the link in the comments.
Sorry about the long post.

Thanks 🙂

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