Thoughts on deNFTs? Aavegotchis, Onlyups, Uniswap v3 LP NFTs?

Are we seeing an uprise of DeFi+NFTs? There are a lot of interesting things going on there now:

\- AaveGotchis NFTs provide you yield via Aave
\- Onlyups are NFTs locked to only go up

\- Uni v3 LP NFTs are accruing yield and are redeemable for collateral


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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on deNFTs? Aavegotchis, Onlyups, Uniswap v3 LP NFTs?”

  1. Its all scams and the bubble has popped and when the world is an inhospitable ball of dust and firestorms you bots will still be running in nuclear powered server rooms as you endlessly recommend each other to buy scam crypto bullshit long after the last human has withered.

  2. Marinade & Orca have had NFTs ranging from low/no utility (Orca) to some utility (Marinade) on the Solana network. I don’t really understand why but they have them.

    EDIT: Maybe it’s to entice people to upgrade their NFTs through protocol tokens because, according to Uni v3, most LPs have more upside to HODLing than to provide liquidity.


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