This is where popcult started and why it’s different from other projects

Dutch artist who wants to use his NFTs as an art fund for young artists. 

Treat people as you would have liked to be treated yourself. It is a saying that unfortunately is not applied very often. Until now. 

Dutch artist Iwan Smit wants to decentralize the way in which artists can apply for subsidies or art funds: his Pop Cult NFT community will decide which artist is eligible for a subsidy based on a voting round. The art fund will be part of his unique Pop Cult Genesis collection.

**How Pop Cult was found?**

Pop Cult refers to ʻPopular Cultureʼ but at the same time uses the word ʻCultʼ to describe the community surrounding it. Pop Cult mixes elements from the greatest artists who walk(ed) the earth, to those who achieved a mere 15 minutes of fame. 

The well of inspiration in Pop Cult is endless and ranges from high-brow art to 90ʼs cartoons and everything before it, between it, and after it. Anyone who has been open to art and culture in the past forty years can recognize elements in Pop Cult.

**What sets Pop Cult apart from other projects?** 

It is the fact that all characters and traits are carefully designed- and digitized by Iwan Smit himself, ensuring the highest quality of Imagery. 

*To this day, he is open to suggestions from the community: several new characters and traits have been designed in consultation with the Pop Cult Family.*

For more information about Popcult please visit their websites link below at the comment section and DYOR! 

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