They’re just trying to get their nuts back


Why do neutered dogs always chase squirrels?

They’re just trying to get their nuts back.

Squirrelly Squirrels spent nearly all of their time collecting nuts and storing them away in “secure” locations. Day in, day out, all around the world, carefully accruing nuts and putting them into caches.

These Squirrels are Nut Foraging Hunters and there are 10,000 Squirrels in the Squirrelverse and each one is unique and 1 of over 450 billion combinations.

Squirrelly Squirrels are a project by [**Squirrel Wallet**]( which is now currently in beta

Join the Squirrelly Squirrel Family ➡️ [](

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  1. Joined the squirrel fam about 2 weeks ago and I’m excited to say I’m stoked for the squirrel wallets and receive these $NUTS


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