The surprising situation of NFTS in China

There are more than 1,412,000,000 Chinese speakers worldwide, although China is the most populated country in the world we have seen little activity from its community in the NFTs sector. If you want to understand how the NFT sector works in China, the regulatory issues and the opportunity that Nouns has to reach millions of people in the Chinese community, you can not miss this article.

Focusing on the expansion of [Nouns in China]( he commented that one must understand the differences between the western market and the one in China. It is very complicated to access NFTs and blockchain in general in China, since in order to access this type of product a VPN must be used to bypass the veto that currently exists in the country. The work that needs to be done to bring Nouns to China involves proliferating noggles across the country in order to have a solid community within the 1% of the Chinese population that has access to NFTs.

[Token Brother]( is one of the creators of the [Chinese Crypto Punk]( community and has made great efforts to bring web 3.0 to this country. He has pointed out that the biggest difference between the global market and the Chinese market is that a big differentiation is made between tokens and NFTs. China takes a very dim view of tokens as they see them as a threat to their economy and seek to eliminate their use in the country. For this reason, NFTs are called Digital Collectibles to differentiate them from other types of products that exist in web 3.0. In this way, it is justified that the Chinese economy is not threatened (NFTs are not used for financial services) and therefore, regulation is more lax in this sector.

[Punk 88]( has talked about the difficulties involved in wanting to interact in NFTs. In order to access these types of products, Chinese people must leave the national territory to make transactions so as not to have legal repercussions for their actions. Although there are people using VPNs in China to carry out these transactions, this is an illegal practice and can have repercussions. For this reason, it is difficult to get users from the country itself, although it does give the possibility of entering a market with hundreds of millions of Chinese-speaking people outside Chinese territory.


As it is complicated to make many transactions, Chinese buyers’ compliance is very different from that of flipers. Buyers are looking for bluechips to have as part of their assets, they are not thinking of selling in the short term and are looking to be part of projects with a future. This presents a great opportunity for Nouns DAO, being a bluechip that is not well known in that market (mostly Punks and Apes).

Finally, we were able to learn a little more about the behavior of NFT users in China. [Element]( (NFTs marketplace) has reinforced the thesis that in China most users are collectors not traders and therefore, those solid projects can grow considerably in China.

It is clear that the Chinese sector is a great challenge for the global market, but it is also a community with great potential that can considerably reinforce the activity of Nouns DAO. We will closely follow Nouns’ expansion in the Chinese market to give you the key to this important strategic direction.

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