The reason I dont like P2E games is cause they’re all the same. Copycats of one another.

This came after Axie Infinity took center stage and started making people a lot of money. And suddenly all P2E games started focusing on that only.


This made them basically throw away anything that has to do with actual game development, mechanics and graphics.


Ofc there will always be some exceptions in everything. I kind like Mecha Morphing not gonna lie. They have some pretty dope graphics and nice gameplay all without compromising profitability.


But for the most part, major P2E games don’t do that and its such a shame cause we’re already starting to see a declind with people playing these games.


I guess they’re just getting bored of the repetitive sh#t.

This will prove detrimental to the GameFi space of devs keep up this pace.

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