The PeacefulTanksClub consisting of 2222 UNIQUE NFTs (DISCOUNT)

The PeacefulTanksClub is the first NFT collection of its kind, created in the name of goodness and justice

NFTs have been created from a variety of colors, prints, attributes that allow the tanks to appear in the image of a child, a hockey player, a clown and others.

Tanks from the Peaceful tanks club have changed their belligerence to peaceful images.

In the collection there are elements of today’s reality, which would be impossible not to notice and which, we hope, will give even more publicity to those events that in the modern world should not happen at all.

**Mint Price:** 0.22 ETH
**Mint Date:** 15 November

**Supply:** 2.222k
**Blockchain:** Ethereum


**Reveal:** 22/12/22


**50% of proceeds will be donated**

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