The nft trend end and I am happy

Hello guys, about a half year ago there was so much talks about nft, every body was talking about nft. I couldn’t believe that there are really people who believed nft is a thing.

As the year goes to the end and I review this year, I want to share my joy about nft being no longer a thing. What happened to all the nft people? Have they lost their money? What do you think about the trend and that it finally disappeared in silence?

Thank you for your thaughts

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6 thoughts on “The nft trend end and I am happy”

  1. I was initially going to downvote and ignore you friend, but this is an opportunity.

    Mocking people who’ve lost is really low quality behavior. Sure, 2022 has been a hard year in the NFT world, but it’s not the end. Several projects got burned and churned by the market, but their fundamentals were weak and the winnowing was, in effect, necessary.

    What you are missing is that there are countless projects that have made it and are moving forward without hesitation.

    Any new technology is going to have it’s jumps and falls as we all figure out what to do with this. It’s part of the process of finding things that do work. Like gaming with tokens. It’s viable, happening, and will slowly eat into the mainstream audience as traditional gamers start to realize that they could own things like their Fortnite skins – not just pay to rent them.

    Hope and business acumen win the day. Mocking folks is a cheap celebration. I hope you find happiness in 2023

  2. Trend? Disappeared? NFT Twitter is just as good as it always was. Should check out some Twitter Spaces in the morning. Especially ‘The Daily Dose’ with Ryan Carson and the ‘NFT Morning Show’ or ‘Rug Radio’ to name a few. The hype train of last year and people throwing money at projects they know nothing about just to try and make a quick buck have passed, but projects with strong communities are still going strong. Lot of people lost money this way, and while I don’t like people losing money….good riddance. They are a plague to communities. Sure, I flip some, but I’m mostly in it to collect. Gotta make profit still. Even in this market, there are great projects launching and great money making opportunities. I love NFTs, the communities, the collecting (pfps, art, photography, music. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes the norm everywhere. You may not know it’s an NFT, but this is not a trend. We don’t call digital music MP3’s anymore, it’s just music. When NFT’s are no longer referred to as ‘NFT’ or even ‘Digital Collectibles’, we have made it.

  3. Smart investors have cashed out and put the money towards tangible assets or other investments. The others are HODL and asking questions like this.

  4. Still here. Still buying pieces that are interesting from collections I like with teams that are still there and still building.

    In fact, I am very very eager for a certain North Slope oil explorer to announce flow rates and hopefully moon next month so I can cash out of that stock and pick up more pieces during this “winter market” from:

    1. Knights of Degen
    2. Forgotten Runes Wizards and Warriors
    3. Generative Dungeon and Generative Avatars

    Yes I’m down money overall and way down from February 2022, but I enjoy the collections I have and I think these teams have proven they’re here for more than a cash grab.

    Not worried about it at all and will gladly drop another bag on these projects when I have the fiat to do so.

  5. NFTs will last longer than cryptocurrencies. Maybe not in the present form, but the tech has so many use cases. “Be greedy when others are fearful”. People who leave now will be like the people who left bitcoin after the first crash. They will regret it forever. Dont be one of those people.


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