The lore of Shredded Sharks, an NFT project.

On the planet Rangar, lived a peaceful civilization of a species known as Rangarians. Rangarians live long lives with a unique ability to change their bodily form. This ability came with severe pain when done, so Rangarians would change their form very sparingly.

When Rangar was invaded by a planet that had ape like creatures, a few thousand Rangarians managed to escape and set a course for Earth. The Rangarians knew that they would ultimately have to assume an indigenous form in order to blend in and live in peace. After landing in the Pacific Ocean, the Rangarians encountered a Great White Shark. Due to their terrifying nature, these aliens assumed the form of the massive shark. With the ability to breathe above and below water, the Rangarians would travel the oceans. Although rarely seen, observers would come to know them as Shredded Sharks.

After discovering apes on planet Earth, the Shredded Sharks have begun to prey on them out of fear that the apes will ultimately try to destroy them.

We are declaring war on all APEs, links below.

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