The Lattice – The Lattice Foundation is a cybersecurity protocol & community that aims for preventing and identifying entities and projects which are wiling to scam or disappoint investors.


We may be at the dawn of a new revolution. As evolution is an inevitable phenomenon, the changing world and its economy is transforming at a very fast pace, and new ideas are discovered with each passing day. Time and speed are not under control, the tech experts have been very busy creating and drafting new technologies in this era. Among these latest technologies is blockchain, a public ledger that has grown immensely popular because of its transparency, ease of use, security, and many other benefits.

A new fringe in the economy was overlaid with an alternative currency called Bitcoin that was issued and backed not by a central authority, but by automated consensus among networked users. Its true uniqueness, however, lay in the fact that it did not require the users to trust each other. Through algorithmic self-policing, any malicious attempt to defraud the system would be rejected. These Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies based on the concept of blockchain. So, further hype in technology begins!

Role of The Lattice

The Lattice is a one-of-a-kind decentralized security protocol that prevents and interrupts any  potential malicious activity within the blockchain space and detects fraudulent tokens to help  you not fall prey. The Lattice works by leveraging both external and off-chain data as well as on chain data accrued directly by The Lattice and is publicly available.


This way, it saves the investors  and helps them invest in a safe & secure token.The Lattice makes a difference where difference is bound to be made!

The Role of DeFi

Decentralization is an important phenomenon to derive success; going out of the box is the only way to innovate. Digital currencies operate both on the rules of centralization & decentralization. However, DeFi, or decentralized finance is an umbrella term for financial services on public blockchains, primarily Ethereum. With DeFi, banks and lawyers are replaced by a programmable piece of code called a smart contract. This contract is written on a public blockchain, like Ethereum or Solana, and it executes when certain conditions are met, negating the need for a central intermediary.



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