The Invader Series And The Pixie-Gen Art Collection is AVAILABLE.


The Pixie-Gen Art Collection

Randomly AI-generated art (Any Dimension).

It is created to show value in Algorithmically Generated Art, to show how beautiful, elegant and compelling they can be (Beauty In Randomness). they can be very chaotic but that’s its beauty, you can get lost in it for hours, just like in nature itself.


Edition #001-128(64×64), #01-64(128×128), #01-32(256×256),#01-16(512×512),#1-8(1024×1024)

Rarity Common/Above Average/Below Rare/Rare/Above Rare/Obscene

Dimension 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512, 1024×1024

Invader (Generative Art Within Itself) 1(16 – for invader series)

Entropy Low/High-Low/High/Extreme/Obscene

Darkness Low/High-Low/High/Extreme/Obscene

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