The House begins to reveal the art for House of Fashion NFT Collection

Lisa Camero, also known as **LCamero**, has developed a collection of 10,000 randomly generated works of art called House of Fashion. This innovative and cutting-edge **NFT collection** will honor the fashion industry and its influence on culture, society, and personal values.

Through activations, virtual experiences, real-world and metaverse fashion shows, redeemable fashion goods, traditional paintings, and community involvement, **House of Fashion** aims to obfuscate the boundaries between the physical and digital fashion spaces. It is an unmatched fusion of technology, fashion, and art.

Below are LCamero’s artworks ready for minting on 24th of March.

[ Daring, Confident, and Undeniably Chic ](


[ Captivating in Haute Couture Elegance ](


[ Shades of Cool ](

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