The Future Of NFT’s is AML Compliant

NFT’s have amazing potential and a near unlimited amount of use cases. However, NFT’s and the blockchain in general will only reach their full potential if they’re engineered to meet the requirements and regulations of a world full of ***compliance.***

Compliance just sounds annoying doesnt it? Who wants to comply when we could be incompliant and still changing the world building blockchains Dapps and NFTs in whatever way we see fit? What does it matter – when I am buying a lambo or taking my friends to McClaren Races and everyone in the community is riding high? Why should I care about the SEC or the CFTC or AML or HIPPA or GDPR? Because 150+ years of societal precedent says so. And without those 150 years of precedent, boring regulators, and at times two-faced politicians, we wouldn’t be sitting here reading Reddit and looking for the next NFT gem.

At certain times of chaos and ambiguity, its prudent to travel backward before traveling forward. The Roaring 20’s (the 1920’s ) share many similarities to the last 13 years in crypto. The 20’s were filled with investment scams including the infamous Ponzi scheme first perpetrated by Charles Ponzi. Trading firms guided people into margin accounts where cash assets were worth only 10% to 20% of the loan value. Jacob Raskob – the Charmain of the Democratic Party – encouraged people to investment and stocks with the promise of building an 80K nest egg in 20 years by investing $15 a month. And the 20’s produced the first Plunge Protection Team operation. In those days the PPT, was a group of bankers who met at JP Morgan and Co. at noon on October 24, 1929 to discuss how to stop the relentless selling that occurred that morning which shaved total stock values by $11 billion ($USD). They hatched a plan to prop up the market by purchasing shares well above market prices. Sound familiar?

The events of the 20’s and early 30’s led to the creation of….the Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC for short. The SEC was created to protect people and the markets alike after greatest period of irrational exuberance the world has ever seen. In the next 5 years at most, we will witness the creation of the Digital Securities & Exchange Commission. And much of that has to do with the fact that the blockchain world has not respected the precedent that has brought us here.

***Mass adoption will not occu***r without a robust, interoperable AML/SEC/KYC/GDPR compliance & user identity framework. NFT’s, DAO’s DApps, and ecosystems will languish at best if they do not become compliant and quickly. Furthermore, the blockchain world must also focus on quantum computing and cryptography. We are 12-18 months out from the worlds first mass produced quantum silicon chip.

At Quantum One DAO, we separate ourselves from the noise and focus on solving real issues for real people while respecting the precedent that brought us here. We are setting a new standard by engineering the worlds first AML/KYC/SEC compliant, quantum ready ecosystem with a 100% verified user base trusted by users and regulators. Quantum One’s Compliance Protocol will serve as the backbone of what we call the quantum distributed ledger era. Learn more at [

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