The focus should be “playing for fun” not “playing to earn”

If devs had entered the market in this mentality, I’m pretty sure that GameFi would have found a much better path than it currently has.

However, the vast majority of devs wanted focused solely on the profit making aspect of an NFT game and completely ignore game mechanics and more importantly, the opinion on their community.

This is the main reason that the only few NFT games with a relatively entertaining experience like Aavegotchi and Axie Infinity are all community lead

Major crypto organizations are starting to see and are now thankfully trying to fix the fundamentals through boosting community lead GameFi projects

BitDAO alone has already invest half a billion dollars into Game7 and looks like its already paying off as more and more community members and devs are getting involved in the decision making processes.

I’m not saying we’ll instantly start seeing a difference is the entire market, but if we keep up this pace and other organizations and development teams start following suit, the GameFi space could potentially see a major boost that it’s been needing for a while now.

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7 thoughts on “The focus should be “playing for fun” not “playing to earn””

  1. NFTs in games will become a thing. But the focus has to be on making an enjoyable game forst, I agree.

    Until people actually want to play the game, then all NFT games will be pump and dumps.

    If you’re paying people in India to play video games for you (as with Axie scholarships), that’s a good indication the game has no staying power.

  2. I feel like you’re accurately describing Blockstars from Solana. The game is a music-themed management simulator and the main accent is on fun (although it contains P2E mechanics too).

  3. I am trying to set up a gaming platform myself, with NFTs as the characters. Our main focus is, of course, the fun of the games with a lot of community engagement. We are also trying the approach of giving our players tokens for completing daily quests with our games. But our idea is to use those tokens mainly for the governance of the platform so that the community and investors can decide what games will be implemented next, how the games are balanced, and the design of worlds and characters. So, we would like to call it “play to vote.” But my thought process for calling it “play to earn” was that it is already a widely known term in the crypto space. What do you guys think of this?

  4. I think “Play to Own” is the best wording tbh. Shouldn’t be expecting to “earn” especially when most marketplaces won’t let you use that verbiage, and game tokens quickly go to “0”.

  5. Most Play to Earn games end up as Earn to Play games.
    You need to keep using much of what you earned in order to continue in the game.
    Plus you have to buy multiple NFTs to play the game with.
    So I guess with those it’s really: Pay to Earn to Play. Lol


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