The first social connected interactive NFTs

Dream Engine( is one of a kind NFT project: a collection of only ethereal and generative apps that you can listen to and talk to. We spent a lot of time tweaking the parameters to make each mint beautiful. but the algo always surprises and there are some nice unusual and rare combinations. Furthermore, Dream Engine makes use of psycho acoustic brain frequencies. These reverberate in a therapeutically hypnotic musical monolith, with peaks and valleys meant to interact with our own imaginative, meditative, and dreaming processes.The unique hash of a dream is used to produce an identical copy. However, you can make creative use of mutations to your own composition. Simply start playing some tunes.

Remix with the click of a mouse, the sound of your voice, or the tap of a key. Turning back allows you to start again and create the piece of art you’ve always wanted. When combined with its sibling project, Talking Blocks, an audio-visual feedback loop is generated.

A small contribution, but that makes this Art/NFT project wonderful and meaningful.

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