The explosion of NFTs in the comic book realm

Yup, this is actually happening, I remember when I didn’t even have a clue what NFT is and now I’m all into these projects and searching for more of them lol.

What I find most interesting is NFTs as comic books or superheroes. It’s crazy how these types of NFTs become popular for a very short time.

NFTs began carving their way into the world of comic books back in early 2021 which was not so long ago if you think about it. In March DC artist Jose Delbo sold $1.85 million worth of NFT art featuring the iconic Wonder Woman. Since then, other prominent industry names have entered the NFT space, such as DC and Marvel creators Frank Miller and Matt Kindt.

Now all these projects started to pop out, 2142 AD even offers to its NFT holders to make their own stories, to make comic books, collect comic book pages, and similar stuff, I absolutely love when a project gives you an opportunity for intersection, for creativity, it’s amazing.

Have you found the one that really blew your mind?

I mean there are now tons of NFT projects and communities and I truly believe that everyone may find something interesting and suitable for themself.

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