The collection of a football crazy saci! NFT fantasy game.

**The** [football crazy saci]( **fantasy game, it works like this:**

**Example:** Today is Arsenal vs Liverpool game. If you have the NFT of the players who scored in that match, you can sell it for double the amount you bought. (this is optional, for those who will participate in the fantasy game)

If the goalkeeper saved a penalty in that game, that goalkeeper’s NFT can be sold for twice the bought price.

If the player loses the penalty, that player’s NFT will lose half the amount purchased.

If your player receives yellow and red cards, that player’s NFT will lose half of the acquired value.

If your player scores **3 goals in a game**, you can sell him **3x the purchased amount.**

Every NFT is unique, so buy your NFT and get profitable results.

**Ps:** Each round or match resets ps values, and each NFT is traded at the value that each chooses.

**PS:** If you don’t want to participate in the crazy fantasy football game saci, but you want to buy it for collection, it’s up to you to decide if you want to sell or buy. Nothing will influence your negotiations.

(There will be only one NFT making the values perfect even for those who will not participate in the fantasy game.)




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