Sweepers – NFT Buyers Club For Communities

Introducing Sweepers the new way to build your portfolio of NFT’s through real exchange of value. Sweepers is the only NFT Buyers Club which will sweep the floors of the top projects, best teams and most sought after blue chip NFT’s. And the best part of all, the community members end up with the NFTs in their wallet.

We have built a community governance protocol that is unmatched and gives an opportunity to diversify your portfolio at a fraction of floor prices.

Each Sweeper NFT unlocks a membership to the Sweepers Community

Every Sweeper equals one vote to vote for every Sweep Proposal

Sweepers NFT’s are staked to earn the coveted $DUST Token

$DUST is used in the Sweepers Vault to bid on the assets from all the approved community sweeps.

Weekly SweepTank episodes will be hosted on Twitter Spaces with four industry advisors allowing up to ten projects to provide a five minute pitch on why their project should be swept.





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