Stumble Upon Rumble P2E Game is looking for members!

Join me in **Stumble upon Rumble** Community and earn K.O.ins currency!

**How can I Earn K.O.ins?**
\- Daily Check-in by saying /daily in claim-daily (\~50 K.O.ins)
\- Boosting the server (1000 K.O.ins)
\- Engaging with selected tweets (100 K.O.ins)
\- Winning an event (1000-2000 K.O.ins!!) – More to come!

**What can I spend these K.O.ins for?**
🚀WL spot
✨ K.O.ins NFTs
🎮 SuR is part of what will be a large ecosystem of interoperable games
💬 A mix of gaming and metaverse with 40 player multiplayer rooms
📱 Accessible games that are easy to learn and run on all devices.
🥊 100% Skill-Based making it a highly competitive game

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