Some Advice on my New NFT Project

Hi everyone, i’m starting in the nft world, been watching and learning for a few months now. I have a metal band and I’m trying to do something different this time.
I’m doing some kind of puzzle collection, a 16-piece art that forms a logo, and every piece with orchestral micro-compositions, 1 minute more or less. I’m not trying to do some lazy songs, I want them to be something i like to do when inspiration comes, put some effort into it. They will be some support NFT for the band, and as we grow up maybe they will become more valuable, or at least that’s the idea. What do you think about? It’s viable? any advice? I just tried to upload 1 song at opensea, just to try it out. I want to do it, but perhaps it’s a bad idea or people isn’t really looking artists just because they like it but they want to find something more mainstream to get some profit and i’m wasting my time. Sorry about my english.

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