So do you think the bored ape NFTs will be a good buy?

I saw the Digitalguru announce they were bring the bored apes to the proton network anyone think it’s a good buy? I thought it was fake at first but it’s verified and so are the artist as well. I’d hate to finally find a steal and pass to find out I coulda make 100k.

[The Proton Network welcomes The Bored Ape YC](

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2 thoughts on “So do you think the bored ape NFTs will be a good buy?”

  1. The whole point of Bored Apes is for people to FOMO in and buy pixels from the founders.

    Look, do as you wish, and I’m sure people will tell me 300k$ is a good price for these somehow.

    Take the one that was just “sold” for 150$ or so:[](

    It was sold once for 16 ETH (from who to who?) and then for 0.03 ETH.

    It only gets shit offers. Nobody wants these apes. You FOMO in at 100 ETH and try to sell at 110 ETH and nobody will buy it. The one that goes from 300 to 350 ETH is bros buying from themselves and others.



    Or, for the sake of scientific experiment, go for it and let us know how it went.


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