Skate Punks Club! 👀🚀 Hand Drawn

10,000 unique SK8 and street-art NFTs assembled from hand-drawn parts👈

Owning a Skatepunk is the key that opens many doors. Digital and physical. An actual bridge between the worlds.
Access to our merch store with unique streetwear and footwear.
Gain the ability to customize gear and equipment.
Get limited access to airdrops, future mutations and next collections.
Last but not least, receive invitations to our street art festivals!

19.02.2022 – 20.02.2022 — Grab your Punks and join the Crew!

This is not financial advice , please do your own research.

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3 thoughts on “Skate Punks Club! 👀🚀 Hand Drawn”

  1. I think you guys need some help in masking the rug pull. Some of the language on your website makes it too obvious. I’ve helped five clients execute successful rug pulls, so feel free to reach out to me to discuss a contract.

    Here’s a free tip: don’t make claims of ‘community designed’ sneakers. That’s been done before and people tend to not fall for the same rug pull twice. It’s getting harder and harder to scam people these days so you’ve got to be more creative.

    Good luck.


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